E-Cigarette Rules Expected from FDA Today
The FDA is expected to issue regulations on e-cigarettes for the first time today. According to NBC, the FDA has proposed that it may assert authority over new tobacco products “including e-cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and nicotine gels.” E-cigarettes are concerning for their currently under-regulated status. They are available to minors but if the FDA does assert its authority, the pro [more]
Well, What Do You Know? Legalized Marijuana Didn’t Increase Teen Use.
The biggest argument that anti-marijuana ideologues have against pot legalization is that it will cause more kids to use marijuana. As it turns out, there’s a study proving that more kids do not use marijuana postlegalization. Individuals believing that it will produce stoner kids are wrong. The Journal of Adolescent Health conducted a study consisting of data compiled by the Youth Risk Behav [more]
Obama and DOJ Readying for Mass Clemency of Drug Offenders
Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it would release expanded criteria by which non-violent drug offenders will be granted clemency. The DOJ released that criteria yesterday. Deputy Attorney General James Cole announced the new criteria yesterday as an extension of the “Smart on Crime” initiative that was announced last year. The criteria will focus on inmates w [more]
Cliven Bundy Is Racist?  Who Would Have Thought!?
Conservatives begin backing away after Cliven Bundy’s remarks disparaging ‘the Negro’ (via Raw Story ) Republican politicians began backtracking on their support of Nevada anti-government rancher Cliven Bundy after the New York Times caught Bundy making racially-inflammatory remarks blaming African-Americans for willingly submiting to dependency on federal… [more]
BP: Four Years of Dirty Tricks
This past Sunday marked the fourth anniversary of the explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling platform that caused the worst oil spill in U.S. history. The explosion killed 11, injured 17 and leaked over 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico before it was capped 87 days later. The spill also harmed marine wildlife in addition to affecting the coastlines of Florida, Alabama, [more]
Home Health Care Group Pays $150 Million to Settle Whistleblower Suit
One of the nation’s largest providers of home healthcare has agreed to pay $150 million to settle claims that it submitted false claims for payment to the government. Amedisys Inc. and its affiliates (Amedisys) was accused of having defrauded the government by submitting false claims for payment to the Medicare program, according to the Department of Justice (DoJ). “Institutions like Amedi [more]
SCOTUS Doesn’t Understand Technology; How Can It Decide Aereo?
The Supreme Court heard arguments in the case ABC v. Aereo on Tuesday. What’s at stake, depending on how the Justices decide, could be much of the technological backbone that supports modern television and internet distribution. At oral arguments, Justices Roberts and Scalia have really showcased how little they understand the technologies they are ruling on, while others express their concern [more]
Stormfront.org is the Murder Capital of the Internet
A recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center proclaims Stormfront, a white supremacist website, is the “murder capitol” of the internet. Don Black created the site during his 3 years of incarceration; he was charged with conspiring to overthrow the  mainly black government of the tiny island Dominica to create an all-white utopia. Site membership shot from 5,000 in January 2002 to ap [more]
Do You Work For the IRS and Owe Back Taxes? Here’s Your Bonus.
The Internal Revenue Service has been reportedly paying large bonuses to employees who owe back taxes to the government, as well as employees with disciplinary issues. The Treasury inspector general for tax administration, J. Russell George, released the report. The report indicated that the IRS paid over $2.8 million dollars to over 2,000 employees with disciplinary problems and $1 million to [more]
Sean Hannity guest: Liberals inspired Kansas shooter, Obama causing ‘modern Holocaust’
Sean Hannity guest: Liberals inspired Kansas shooter, Obama causing ‘modern Holocaust’ (via Raw Story ) David Horowitz, conservative activist and founder of TruthRevolt.com, agreed with radio host Sean Hannity on Tuesday that President Barack Obama’s support of Muslims was going to result in a modern-day Holocaust. On his Tuesday radio show, Hannity… (more… [more]
Do NSAIDs Cause Leaky Gut Syndrome? What’s Leaky Gut Syndrome?
Americans have an addiction to painkillers. We consume more opiates than anyone else. Our aversion to painkillers is so thin that we hardly consider that there may be negative effects from their consumption. Even less do we consider the dangers of such seemingly innocuous drugs like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. New research is showing though that those old sentiments may be worth revisiting. [more]
Koch Brothers Leading Fight Against Pro-Solar Energy Policies
Solar energy has been gaining steam and popularity among Americans, and most states are implementing or preparing to implement policies that support the institution of solar energy. Like many great ideas, is doesn’t come without opponents. The Koch brothers have been pushing to have the pro-solar policies rolled back. There are two main policies that the Koch are fighting against in states li [more]
Comcast/Time Warner Cable Merger Would Be Devastating to American Internet, Netflix Says
Comcast is currently seeking to purchase Time Warner cable in a merger that would conglomerate internet service and create a monopoly through which it could hike prices ever-higher. Netflix, one of the internet's largest data consumers, has now weighed in on the potential merger. Netflix says that the merger could have incredibly negative effects on internet service for Americans. In a letter [more]
Coercion and Sterilization, California Inmates Paying for Welfare Cuts
Over 140 women have been sterilized in California prisons in an effort to curb welfare funding for any children they may have in the future. These procedures have spanned over time from 2006 to 2010, and it has cost California taxpayers roughly $147,460. A small price to pay, according to many of the doctors employed by such prisons. Dr. James Heinrich, an OB-GYN at Valley State Prison for W [more]
An “Army of Lobbyists” Is Quietly Fighting for Budget-Busting Corporate Tax Breaks
An “Army of Lobbyists” Is Quietly Fighting for Budget-Busting Corporate Tax Breaks (via Moyers & Company) An army of corporate lobbyists is trying to push a huge package of tax cuts through Congress without drawing public attention. The 55 cuts, known on Capitol Hill as “extenders,” expired at the end of 2013 but in the past have been renewed retroactively… [more]
Obama Must Reveal Legal Reasoning for Drone Strikes on Americans
According to a recent court order in the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the Department of Justice must disclose its legal rationale for the use of drone aircraft to kill enemy Americans overseas. The program was controversial since its beginning under the Bush administration but saw a significant broadening under Obama. The expansion under the Obama administration included the killing o [more]
Florida Cities Continue Anti-Homeless Laws
Florida has not been a friendly place for less-fortunate people as of late. The city of Pensacola, FL passed a “blanket ban” law last year, which is being revisited by the city council, and now Ft. Lauderdale wants to illegalize personal possessions in public. As was the case with Pensacola, Ft. Lauderdale abandons humanity in favor of its “interest in aesthetics.” According to the ordi [more]
Credit Rating on Wall Street is Broken and No One is Fixing It.
Credit-rating agencies have a structural conflict of interest: they are paid by the very institutions they are supposed to judge. This incentive creates a system that is bound to produce catastrophes like the ones we have seen in the past decade. It needs to change, but the financial industry doesn’t want change. Currently, it is practically impossible to sue or otherwise hold a rating agency a [more]
Boston Passes City-Farming Ordinance to Increase Quality of Life
Boston is building one of the most innovative and sustainable urban farming systems, thanks to Article 89. During former Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s last days in office he signed Article 89, an addition to the Boston Zoning code. Article 89 permits the growing of vegetation, whether it be on a rooftop, on an empty lot, in between a building, or in a building - nearly everywhere - and selling for [more]
Deepwater Horizon: BP’s Toxic Legacy
Deepwater Horizon: BP’s Toxic Legacy (via Desmogblog) Sun, 2014-04-20 13:01Farron Cousins It has now been four years since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, killing 11 men and leaking an estimated 210 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  The media attention has disappeared, but… (more…) [more]
This Week’s Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV!
This week’s Ring of Fire, hosted by Mike Papantonio: Sundays at 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific.  Full schedule of rebroadcasts can be found at FreeSpeech.org. This week on Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV:  Joe Cotchett will tell us about the overwhelming corruption from the Roberts’ Supreme Court. Mike Burg will tell us how Wall Street is able to gamble our investments without fear because t [more]
Ring of Fire’s Weekly Rewind
Why Wasn’t the National Guard Called to Back Down the Cattle Lunatics in Bunkerville, Nevada? The armed protest that took place in Nevada because of a government attempt to reclaim public land from a rancher gave the Tea Party a reason to do pursue what they’ve been aching to do: start an armed conflict with the federal government. Knowing that, the federal government should have remained p [more]
This Weekend on Ring of Fire Radio!
This week’s Ring of Fire Radio, hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder: Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern: This week on Ring of Fire Radio:  We’ll be talking with author Nomi Prins about the ugly relationship between presidents and bankers. Investigative journalist Aaron Cantu will tell us who’s getting rich off the pr [more]
GOP is Heartless When it Comes to Expanded Medicaid
With its recent successes, it is hard to deny that the Affordable Care Act is going to be beneficial to the uninsured of our country. But Republicans are still in opposition. Most recently, the GOP has decided that it will not support the expansion of Medicaid under ObamaCare. The expansion would eliminate the gap of those whose income is too high to currently qualify for Medicaid, but too low [more]
Comcast, Time Warner and Congress. Perfect Together.
Comcast, Time Warner and Congress: Perfect Together (via Moyers & Company) As the US Senate holds its first hearing on the proposed Comcast-Time Warner deal — a $45 billion transaction that will affect millions of consumers and further pad some already well-lined pockets — it’s useful to get a look at how our elected… [more]
Minnesota Minister Told Girls that ‘God’s Word’ Made Raping Them Normal
Minnesota minister told girls that ‘God’s word’ made raping them normal (via Raw Story ) Authorities in Minnesota have launched a manhunt for a minister who is facing 59 counts of first-degree sexual assault in cases against girls — called “Maidens” — as young as 13. The Star Tribune reported that authorities announced on Tuesday… [more]
Fish Losing Survival Instinct in Acidic Oceans, Study Says
Fish losing survival instinct in acidic oceans, study says (via AFP) Fish are losing their survival instinct -- even becoming attracted to the smell of their predators -- as the world's oceans become more acidic because of climate change, new research said on Monday. The study of fish in coral reefs off the coast of… [more]
Brokers that Fail Exams Are More Likely to Perform Poorly
Stockbrokers that failed basic qualifying exams for the sale of securities saw a corresponding increase in the number of “black marks” on their record when compared to the number of times they failed, accord to a report from the Wall Street Journal. As the number of times the broker failed the exam increased so did the likelihood that they would have worse disciplinary records. “Investor [more]
Massive Punitive Damages Ordered in Most Recent Actos Verdict
Last week, a Federal jury in the Western District of Louisiana (Lafayette) rendered a punitive damages verdict against Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly in the sum of $9 billion. Takeda Pharmaceuticals was ordered to pay $6 billion of the $9 billion verdict. In addition to this punitive damage verdict, the companies must also pay the injured plaintiff, Terrance Allen, $1.475 million in compe [more]
Obamacare is Succeeding and Republicans Have No Idea How to React
The Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare”, is succeeding. Over 7 million people have signed up for insurance under the plan and it is projected and many millions more will see improved health care coverage as a result. But the right is refusing to recognize the success, even refusing to admit that it could possibly become a success. Obamacare is working and the GOP is only showing how out of t [more]
‘Liking’ companies on Facebook could give away your right to sue them
‘Liking’ companies on Facebook could give away your right to sue them (via Raw Story ) Be careful what you like online, Facebookers. General Mills has quietly added fine print alerting consumers that they give up their right to sue the food manufacturer when they download coupons, interact with the company on social media, or enter company… (more…) [more]
Nevada Incident Spawns Another in a Long Line of Tea Party Conspiracy Theories
Before the Tea Party was created, there were very few prominent conspiracy theories that only some Americans held as truth. Some Americans thought the government was hiding evidence of aliens at Area 51, others thought the government played a role in the JFK assassination, and some even thought the government staged the Moon landing. However, ever since the Tea Party came about, there has been [more]
Coverage of the Success of Obamacare and Debunking Republican Lies
Coverage Of The Success of Obamacare And Debunking Republican Lies (via The Moderate Voice) Reading liberal versus conservative columnists give entirely different views of the Affordable Care Act. Liberals have been writing about its success while conservatives continue to spread misinformation. Here’s a few examples of liberal views on… [more]
Despite Killing People, Pradaxa Sales Helped Pharma Corp to 14% Profit Increase
Pradaxa manufacturer, Boerhinger Ingelheim, saw profits of 14% last year thanks to increased income from the anticoagulant. Pradaxa is a dangerous drug that is the subject of numerous litigations in the United States. Attorneys against the company argue that the company has failed to properly advise physicians and patients of the risks associated with the drug. “Big pharmaceutical companies in [more]
Why Cliven Bundy Was Wrong in Nevada
Alongside the implicit lunacy that drove 1,000 armed Tea Partiers and cowboys to Bunkerville, NV to protest a rightful government action, there are some legal arguments that Cliven Bundy, the rancher who started all this, has wrong. Bundy believes that Nevada is a sovereign state thus exempting the state from federal jurisdiction and law. “I abide by all Nevada state laws,” said Bundy. “B [more]
West Coast Anarchists are Picketing People’s Homes, Slashing Tires and Vomiting on Buses
The Counterforce is a west coast group/movement that is picketing and protesting technology companies and housing practices in the San Francisco area. Despite guerilla-style, zero-sum tactics it is not a hybrid or cousin of the Occupy Wall Street movement. People are jumping onto the view that The Counterforce is a reimagining of the Occupy movement or a reasonable extension of it. That’s wrong [more]
It Seems that Tea Partiers Usually Prefer Violence Over Discourse
Frazier Glenn Cross also known as Glenn Miller, well-known anti-semitic and previous Grand Dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, opened fire at a Jewish community center, on Sunday, killing a 14-year old boy and his grandfather. He continued his shooting spree at a Jewish retirement home, killing a woman visiting her elderly mother. He was arrested shortly thereafter and is expect [more]
Industry Funded Politicians Hope to Thwart Pollution Penalties in North Carolina
Industry Funded Politicians Hope To Thwart Pollution Penalties In North Carolina (via Desmogblog) Tue, 2014-04-15 13:25Farron Cousins On March 6th of this year, North Carolina Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway handed down a ruling that Duke Energy must immediately prevent toxins from their coal ash ponds from leaking into the water supply, and… (more…) [more]
Florida Doctors are Billing Medicare Criminally High Prices
Florida has been the scene of a number of Medicare fraud schemes and scandals involving the over billing of the government for medical services. New reports from the New York Times detail that some physicians have been billing the government as much as three to four times more than a procedure is worth and making millions in the process. “Individuals committing Medicare or Medicaid fraud tak [more]
Is Cattlemen Armed Insurrection the New Form of American Protest?
The cattle-ranch protest in Nevada was an armed insurrection by the Tea Party. One thousand Tea Party, so-called “patriots,” came to Bunkerville, NV, brandished weapons and the government backed down. Other mass protests in America have either ended in arrests or violent clashes between authorities and protesters. There is an obvious double standard here because the government relented and [more]
Gun Happy Florida Says Permits May Not be Needed During Emergencies
Gun violence is nothing new in the state of Florida. It’s almost as if everytime you turn around, another story of violence involving guns is in the news. In January we had the elderly man who recently shot and killed a father for texting his babysitter during the previews of a movie. There was an incident where a man shot at a car full of teens in November 2012 because of an argument over t [more]
FBI Abruptly Walks Out On Senate Briefing After Being Asked How ‘Insider Threat’ Program Avoids Whistleblowers
FBI Abruptly Walks Out On Senate Briefing After Being Asked How 'Insider Threat' Program Avoids Whistleblowers (via Techdirt) While we've been disappointed that Senator Chuck Grassley appears to have a bit of a double standard with his staunch support for whistleblowers when it comes to Ed Snowden, it is true that he has fought for real whistleblower protections for quite… [more]
Why Wasn’t The National Guard Called to Back Down the Cattle Lunatics in Bunkerville, Nevada?
The armed protest that took place in Nevada because of a government attempt to reclaim public land from a rancher gave the Tea Party a reason to do pursue what they’ve been aching to do: start an armed conflict with the federal government. Knowing that, the federal government should have remained persistent and called the National Guard. Armed conflict against the government has been every Te [more]
How the World Failed Rwanda
Commemoration services took place in Rwanda last week marking the 20th year anniversary of the Rwandan genocide that claimed 500,000 to 1 million lives.  However, it could be argued that April 7, 1994 marked the start of two tragedies, the first being the genocide and the second the abandonment of the Rwandan people by the international community. We sat by idly as hundreds of thousands were b [more]
The Armed Nevada-Ranch Protesters Were Wanting a Fight
Armed protesters confused entitlement with freedom when they rallied against the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over a 20-year running land dispute with a Nevada rancher. A week-long standoff ended when guz-crazed Tea Partiers pressed the BLM into abandoning their attempts to restore law. Last week, BLM agents attempted to round up over 300 head of cattle because rancher Cliven Bundy has [more]
GOP Advisor Actually Believes Women Are Not “Significant Thinkers”
Last Tuesday, Charles Murray, American Enterprise Institute Scholar and advisor to the Republican candidate for Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, decided he would subject an audience at the University of Texas to his opinions on the significance of women. Murray cited his 2005 paper “Where Are the Female Einsteins?”, which asserts that he has found no conclusive evidence that proves that any wom [more]
The SEC has been Caught Colluding with Big Banks. Congress Needs to Investigate.
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the government watchdog charged with oversight and policing Wall Street and the Big Banks. For years, it has been suspected that the SEC is less a watchdog and more of a trained housepet of the Big Banks. Now, that theory has been proven as Felix Salmon, finance blogger at Reuters, reports that the SEC has been caught colluding with banks of CDO pro [more]
Minnesota Becomes Fifth State to Hike Minimum Wage in 2014
Minnesota Becomes Fifth State to Hike Minimum Wage in 2014 (via Moyers & Company) With Congress deadlocked and incapable of addressing mounting economic inequality, cities and states are doing what they can to pick up the slack. On Friday, the Minnesota House approved raising the state minimum wage to $9.50 per hour. According to… (more…) [more]
Ring of Fire’s Weekly Rewind
Video Rewind Comcast is America’s Worst Company Comcast, the telecommunications and data behemoth, has been named as America’s worst company of 2014, according to results from the Consumerist’s annual poll. Comcast has been on our radar for some time due to its back-channel dealings and attempts to consolidate internet access in the United States. Jeb Bush’s Ugly Record On Min [more]
This Week’s Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV!
This week’s Ring of Fire, hosted by Mike Papantonio: Sundays at 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific.  Full schedule of rebroadcasts can be found at FreeSpeech.org. This week on Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV:  Stephen Burg will tell us why Republicans are lining up to kiss the ring of billionaire conservatives. Elliot Fineman, CEO of National Gun Victims Action Council, talks about the myth that c [more]
This Weekend on Ring of Fire Radio!
This weekend on The Best of Ring of Fire Radio, hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder: Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern. This week on The Best of Ring of Fire Radio:  Daniel Ellsberg will be here to discuss the domestic spying programs of the federal government. Climate scientist and author Michael Mann will tell us why ap [more]
Government Says Marijuana Could Treat Anxiety
The United States government has marijuana listed as a Schedule I narcotic. This classification is reserved for substances considered to have no medical benefit and a high potential for abuse. The very same government that manipulated the public into thinking that marijuana is a dangerous killer now acknowledges its medical benefits. It relieves anxiety. Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the Nat [more]
Deceptive Credit Card Practice Will Cost Bank of America Almost $800 Million
On Wednesday, Bank of America agree to pay upwards of $700 million for deceptive credit card practices that enrolled customers in unnecessary and expensive services. “Credit markets are important to consumers,” commented Christopher Paulos, an attorney with the Levin, Papantonio law firm and who practices with the firm’s business torts and securities litigation departments. “Aggressive [more]
Tesla to Become Most American Car, Beating Ford
Tesla is on its way to producing the most American vehicle. The American automaker is projected to beat out the Ford F-150 for metrics that include the source of parts, assembly and the point of sale. Currently Ford holds the title of Most-American Car with its F-150. The car currently scores a 75%. Morgan Stanley projects that with the arrival of Tesla’s gigafactory and the production of it [more]
CO2 Levels at Their Highest in 800,000 Years
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Association’s Mauna Loa Observatory released findings that revealed the earth’s carbon dioxide level is now the highest it’s been in 800,000 years. The highest point in that period of time was about 310 parts per million (ppm) about 325,000 years ago. Before last week, when the the discovery happened, the highest level was only last May [more]
L.A. County Deputies Shoot and Kill Unarmed Man Helping Neighbors During Hostage Standoff
L.A. county deputies shoot and kill unarmed man helping neighbors during hostage standoff (via Raw Story ) The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department admitted on Thursday that deputies mistakenly shot and killed a 30-year-old man after mistaking him for the suspect in a hostage situation earlier this week, the Los Angeles Times reported. Authorities confirmed… (more& [more]
GOP Congressman Seeks to Block GMO Labeling
Republican Representative Mike Pompeo (Kansas) has introduced the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act”. The bill would prevent a number of states from requiring genetically modified foods (GMOs) be labeled as such. If the bill should pass, only ingredients that are suspected of presenting a potential health or safety risk would be required to be reported on labeling. Pompeo believes th [more]
Antibacterial Soap Chemical Promotes Nasal Staph Infection, Other Health Hazards: Study
Antibacterial soap chemical promotes nasal staph infection, other health hazards: study (via Raw Story ) Triclosan — the active ingredient in many antibacterial soaps, toothpastes and other cosmetics — contributes to the growth of potentially harmful bacteria in the human nose. According to a study by scientists at the University of Michigan, the presence… [more]
Republicans Call Mayday on Equal Pay
This past Tuesday, President Obama signed two executive actions with goals in strengthening equal pay laws. This signing occurred on Equal Pay Day – a day that the Department of Labor considers dedicated to reflecting on “how far into the current year women must work to match what men earned in the previous year.” These two executive orders are aiming to create transparency in the pay rat [more]
Jails and Prisons Are Becoming Separation Bins for the Mentally Ill
The Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC) released a report this week that indicated the rising number of mentally ill inmates in American correctional facilities. Jails and prisons currently hold more mentally ill people than state hospitals in America. Vox reported on the published study and the study found that 356,268 inmates have a severe mental illness, and there has been a major push for deins [more]
UBS Fighting Expeditious Arbitration of Puerto Rico Claims
FINRA is trying to find ways for investors to expeditiously have their claims heard as a result of the UBS Puerto Rican closed-end bond fund debacle. Because of the limited number of Puerto Rican arbitrators, FINRA is exploring the possibility of allowing UBS investors to have their claims heard on the mainland..  UBS, however, is objecting and insisting claims be heard in Puerto Rico. Of course, [more]
Fox News Lies A Lot About Climate Science
It’s not a hidden or new idea that Fox News loves to skew facts and incite fear among its viewers to push the conservative agenda, but it’s still good to see research and hard numbers illustrating that. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) conducted a study that tracked the accuracy of the three major news networks reported on climate science in 2013. Out of CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, the [more]
Prison Time for Polluters?
Should BP CEO Tony Hayward face jail time for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill? Or should Shell’s CEO spend a few years in jail for the estimated 550 million gallons that spilled in Nigeria’s Niger Delta over the past 50 years? There is an extensive list of CEOs and corporations that could be prosecuted but here are few that happened just this year. Proponents of criminalizing Ecocide resou [more]
Comcast is America’s Worst Company
Comcast, the telecommunications and data behemoth, has been named as America’s worst company of 2014, according to results from the Consumerist’s annual poll. Comcast has been on our radar for some time due to its back-channel dealings and attempts to consolidate internet access in the United States. Comcast pushes out Electronic Arts (EA) for the worst company designation. EA was the reig [more]
Ben Stein: Poor People Are Jealous, Lazy Drunks Who Don’t Appreciate Indoor Plumbing
Ben Stein: Poor people are jealous, lazy drunks who don’t appreciate indoor plumbing (via Raw Story ) Conservative pundit Ben Stein suggested that only government-sanctioned religion could save poor Americans from their own “self-sabotage,” reported Right Wing Watch. “What will make the genuinely poor stop sabotaging themselves?” the actor and… (more…) [more]
The SEC is Scared of Wall Street
James Kidney was an attorney with the Securities and Exchange Commission who had been with the agency since 1986. He retired this month, but upon his leaving he remarked that the SEC was too “tentative and fearful” to bring Wall Street leaders to justice after the 2008 economic crisis. “The SEC possesses an inherent responsibility to ensure that financial regulations are upheld and obeye [more]
Texas Oil Spill Kills Birds and Marine Life
On March 22, nearly 170,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Galveston Bay near the Texas City Dike when an oil barge carrying one million gallons of oil collided with a bulk vessel. The spill created 200,000 pounds of oiled sand and debris along 22 miles of the Texas coast. “It’s a serious offense to, accidentally or intentionally, spill crude oil into water sources,” said Emmie Paulos, B [more]
The Supreme Court Ripped Apart the Voting Rights Act. Now Southern States are Paying the Price.
Last year, the Supreme Court, eviscerated the Voting Rights Act of 1965 at the direction of GOP poster-boy Justice, John Roberts. The court voted to remove protections that had previously required states that had shown a precedence for discriminatory voting practices to be reviewed and have any changes to their voting registration and voting methods approved by federal oversight. Since the Cou [more]
Ring of Fire: We Cover The News Corporate Media Won’t
Rolling Stone Magazine recently published an article outlining the “5 Recent Underreported Environmental Disasters.” However, while mainstream news outlets drool over the ACA and speculate about the whereabouts of a missing plane, Ring of Fire has followed the stories that matter every step of the way. Rolling Stone started off naming the recent Galveston Bay oil spill where an oil barge co [more]
New Study: Rich Taking More from Poor than Ever Before
We’ve all heard of the one percent. We know them. They are the the affluent and entitled and they have more money than you or I will ever have. The group you may not have heard of is the one percent of the one percent. This group has been solidifying its wealth in the United States, steadily, and now holds an egregious amount of American capital. The growth though, according to new research [more]
An “Army of Lobbyists” Is Quietly Fighting for Budget-Busting Corporate Tax Breaks
An “Army of Lobbyists” Is Quietly Fighting for Budget-Busting Corporate Tax Breaks (via Moyers & Company) An army of corporate lobbyists is trying to push a huge package of tax cuts through Congress without drawing public attention. The 55 cuts, known on Capitol Hill as “extenders,” expired at the end of 2013 but in the past have been renewed retroactively… [more]
America Trailing Europe: EU Passing Strong Net Neutrality Laws
In the U.S., we continue to squabble over whether Net Neutrality and increasing web speeds are the direction we want our internet to go. The alternative is, of course, that the existing infrastructure and laws are sufficient or even too forceful. Those are, of course, lies perpetuated by the established industry to protect their monopolies and encourage a more homogenized internet. In Europe, the [more]
Johnson & Johnson to Pay $1.2 Million in Transvaginal Mesh Suit
Last week, drug and medical product maker Johnson & Johnson was ordered to $1.2 million by a Texas jury to a woman who experienced complications related to the company’s vaginal mesh implants. Bloomberg reported that 64-year-old Linda Batiste was ordered the settlement because her Johnson & Johnson TVT-O vaginal mesh sling was defective. Eroding inside her, the implant caused the plai [more]
Crying Kochs: Charles Koch Thinks Politics is Mean. It is and That’s Fine.
Charles Koch could be considered a bajillionaire mogul and political schemer. Through their political group Americans for Prosperity, Charles and his brother David have exhausted millions of dollars and incalculable hours fighting the care and wellbeing of common Americans. Instead, the Kochs want to see a society in which individuals have no obligation or responsibility to one another. Now, Char [more]
“Greed Expressed As Appetite”: Elite Chinese Flaunt Social Status by Eating Tigers
Elite businessmen and corrupt government officials in China have found a new way to display their wealth and social status – by witnessing the slaughter of a tiger before dining on its flesh. This so-called “exotic delicacy” is not only grossly macabre, but also completely illegal, as the butchering of tigers has been outlawed in China since 1993. And yet, the existence of underground mar [more]
Donald Trump Tells Fox: ‘Really Unfair’ That Obama Has a Job and Mozilla CEO Doesn’t
Donald Trump tells Fox: ‘Really unfair’ that Obama has a job and Mozilla CEO doesn’t (via Raw Story ) Reality star Donald Trump on Monday lamented that President Barack Obama still had a job after the former CEO of Mozilla was forced to resign for funding groups that worked to strip LGBT of people of their existing marriage rights. Last week, a gay… (more…) [more]
Jeb Bush’s Ugly Record On Minorities Back In The Spotlight
This past Friday, Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio appeared on MSNBC’s The Ed Show to discuss the GOP’s latest attempt to rebrand themselves.  In a series of new ads, the Republican Party recruited Jeb Bush and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal to appear as the “new” face of the Party, ignoring the fact that both Bush and Jindal are old school members of the Grand OLD Party. During the s [more]
This Week’s Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV!
This week’s Ring of Fire, hosted by Mike Papantonio: Sundays at 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific.  Full schedule of rebroadcasts can be found at FreeSpeech.org. This week on Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV:  Farron Cousins, executive editor of The Trial Lawyer Magazine and contributing writer for DeSmogBlog.com, will be filling in for Mike Papantonio this week. Howard Nations will explain what [more]
Ring of Fire’s Weekly Rewind
Video Rewind Baby-Raping One Percenter Avoids Prison When a one percenter breaks a financial law, it’s just about expected that all they’ll do is pay a fine, avoid prison, and on their life goes. It’s a sad injustice, but that’s the current norm. With macabre and disgusting crimes, like rape and murder, surely no one is exempt from justice after committing such, right? Not in one [more]
This Weekend on Ring of Fire Radio!
This week’s Ring of Fire Radio, hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder: Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern. This week on Ring of Fire Radio:  Salon.com contributing writer David Dayen will be here to tell us about Wells Fargo’s mortgage fraud handbook. Dave Hawkins from the NRDC will tell us what the new IPCC climate chan [more]
These Guys are Revolutionizing Wall Street through Honesty
In today’s high-speed economy, hundreds of trades take place every second, profits and losses are calculated on infinitesimally small margins, and advantages that completely change the dynamics of trading can come down to something as simple as the speed of your internet connection. In the book “Flash Boys”, Michael Lewis argues that today’s stock market is rigged to benefit only those in [more]
Fox Guest Links Ft. Hood Shooting to Welfare Recipients and Immigrants ‘Who Do Nothing’
Fox guest links Ft. Hood shooting to welfare recipients and immigrants ‘who do nothing’ (via Raw Story ) Former FBI agent Jonathan Gilliam on Thursday told Fox News that fewer soldiers would be “ticking time bombs” if the United States would stop handing out money to immigrants “who do nothing to earn their citizenship” in the first place. As the… (more&hell [more]
Republicans Apartheid-like Plan for America
Apartheid, the political system in South Africa from 1948 to 1994, systematically disenfranchised and dehumanized black South Africans, as well as, other minorities.  The National Party, Afrikaners (white South Africans) enacted Apartheid to guarantee their own prosperity and security. As the demographic shift occurs the GOP has attempted to forge an Apartheid like society to ensure their own [more]
Koch Brother’s Halt Nashville’s Mass Transit System
Once again, the Koch brothers have their hands and wallet in local issues.  Of late their money has been directed at ending Nashville’s The Amp, a Bus Rapid Transit project. The Amp was slated to connect  East and West Nashville using a 7 mile long BRT system. The Americans for Prosperity is a lobbying organization created and funded by the Koch brothers. The organization took part in crea [more]
Anyone Can Profit From Marijuana, Policy Just Dictates Who Gets Paid
Legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington caused the plant to be exempt from police seizure, both criminal and civil. However, state and local police have begun working in conjunction with federal law enforcement in a practice called “equitable sharing.” When police execute criminal or civil seizures, the items, money, and property that are seized aren’t admitted t [more]
US Army Probes Mental Health of New Fort Hood Shooter
US army probes mental health of new Fort Hood shooter (via AFP) US investigators were on Thursday studying the background of a troubled soldier who launched a deadly shooting rampage on his Texas base before turning the gun on himself. The shooting at Fort Hood revived memories of a 2009 attack by a US officer turned… [more]
GOP Wants to Stop Study of Climate Change
Earlier this week, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report that outlines a grim future for the planet with the current rate of climate change. Days later, the Republican-led House passed a bill to restrict climate change study in government agencies. H.R. 2413, the Weather Forecasting Improvement Act, will force the National Oceanographic and Atmosp [more]
Justice Roberts is Wrong. Money and Speech are not the Same.
Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Elections Commission (McCutcheon) and decided to strike down the aggregate limits on campaign finance contributions. The reasoning, according to Justice John Roberts, who delivered the Court’s opinion along with Justices Scalia, Kennedy, and Alito, is that the right to spend money on elections is the same as the free [more]
Is Western Society on the Brink of Collapse?
Is Western Society on the Brink of Collapse? (via Moyers & Company) Our runaway consumption habits and growing inequality could lead to the collapse of Western civilization, according to a new short paper slated for publication the journal Ecological Economics and written up at The Guardian’s Earth Insight blog. Noting… (more…) [more]
How GM’s Penny-Pinching Killed 13 People
The faulty ignition switches that General Motors had knowledge of faulty ignition switches in several models of its vehicles, which have been linked to 13 deaths, could have been fixed for a mere $1 more per car, according to a GM document. “Whether drug or auto maker, companies have a responsibility to test and inspect the products they intend to market and sell to the American public,” sa [more]
Despite Flawed Studies, the FDA Stands Their Ground on the Safety of BPA
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to insist that Bisphenol A, or BPA – a carbon-based synthetic compound used in the commercial manufacture of plastics – is safe, despite countless research consistently displaying the opposite view. Not to be swayed, the FDA has recently released a study they claim will affirm their standing on the safety of BPA. Critics of the study, howeve [more]
Leading Rick Scott Campaign Contributor Owned Abusive Rehab Centers
Straight Inc. was a substance abuse rehab program that earned itself a notorious reputation for brutality, abuse, and humiliation of its clients. The program was founded by former U.S. ambassador and co-chair of the Florida Finance Committee for Mitt Romney Mel Sembler, who is now Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s newest campaign fundraising partner. Sembler is leading the host committee for a fundra [more]
Our Elections Are Screwed. The Supreme Court Has Struck Down Campaign Finance Contribution Limits.
In a 5-4 decision today, the Supreme Court of the United States has removed limits on campaign finance contributions. Instead, the Court appears to have left in place limits on donations to a single candidate. The removal of these limits and the reliance single candidate limits is another step in the tradition of this Court to favor the super-wealthy and bow before the altar of big business. T [more]
Bank of America Paying Nearly $10 Billion to Settle Mortgage Securities Suit
Bank of America will dole out $9.33 billion for a settlement which was reached between Bank of America and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (the regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) on Wednesday, March 26, regarding the dispute over mortgage backed securities. This settlement is the result of allegations of fraudulent reporting associated with the sale of mortgage securities by Bank of Amer [more]
Five Key Takeaways From The Frightening IPCC Climate Change Report
Five Key Takeaways From the Frightening IPCC Climate Change Report (via Moyers & Company) The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its latest report today. It focuses on how climate change will affect human society in coming years painting a picture of a world destabilized by a rapidly changing environment… (more…) [more]
Documents Show SeaWorld’s Drugging of Orca Whales
Recently-publicized documents showed that theme park SeaWorld has been treating its orca, or killer whales, with benzodiazepines. This revelation comes on the heels of heavy criticism against SeaWorld from animal rights activists regarding the theme park’s treatment of killer whales. A sworn affidavit, filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice during a dispute between SeaWorld and Marine [more]
Glenn Beck Getting Sued for Defamation
Right-wing conservative pundit Glenn Beck has been sued for defamation after he accused a Muslim victim of the Boston Marathon bombing of funding the attacks. Abdulrahman Alharbi, who was 19-years-old when he was injured at the Boston Marathon, filed a federal lawsuit against Beck and the companies The Blaze Inc., Mercury Radio Arts, and Beck’s radio syndicator Premiere Radio Network. Proceed [more]
Democrats Need a Message
Democrats Need A Message (via The Moderate Voice) One reason that the Republicans get people to turn out to vote in off year elections, often to vote against their economic self-interest, is that they have a message. The message might be based upon dishonest claims and incorrect views as to how the… [more]
FDA Blocks Potentially Dangerous Hypertension Treatment from Market
Over the weekend, a group of physicians came forward and reported that a potential treatment for high blood pressure had failed clinical testing and would not be allowed on the market. “It is important that the FDA has the opportunity to review - completely - clinical trial information,” commented Megan McBride, an attorney with the Levin, Papantonio law firm who practices in the areas of [more]
Chemical Industry-Funded Senators Want to Hide Chemical Industry Funding of Studies
Chemical industry-funded senators want to hide chemical industry funding of studies (via Raw Story) Republican lawmakers who are trying to change research disclosure rules to hide corporate influence received more than $150,000 in campaign contributions from chemical companies who stand to benefit from the change. Corporations may already submit studies… [more]