Papantonio: The Truth About ALEC

Until recently, a secret group of business insiders have been helping corporate America write legislation to help protect their industries, and at the same time destroy the few protections that consumers had. This group is called ALEC, and they’ve managed to operate under the radar for years. Mike Papantonio talks about ALEC with Cliff Schecter, author of the book The Real McCain and public relations strategist.


3 Responses to Papantonio: The Truth About ALEC

  1. KnownstToUs says:

    The reason the mainstream media doesn’t cover this story is not because they ‘don’t like’ to cover stories like this. It’s because the same corporate hands that are involved with ALEC are also owners of major media outlets and do not ALLOW stories like this to be covered. Or they present the story to make it sound like people who would believe a story like this are nut-job crack-pot conspiracy theorists who are not to be taken seriously. They’ve got the media mind-control thing figured out and that’s where they have to be stopped.

  2. Fiona Mackenzie says:

    Thanks for covering this. It’s unfortunate the broad spectrum of press has ignored Koch for so long, at such cost. It shouldn’t be a surprise that 2,000 millionaires, billionaires, and legislators, and have spent 20 years coming up with a plan to transfer all the wealth into a few hands, creating a permanent underclass living in poverty.

    ALEC has been known of, but it wasn’t until a hero(ine) within the organization released their agenda and model laws.

    Probably the single, possibly killing blow to the U.S. was the transfer of workers’ money up to the top 1% through the Bush tax cuts and incentives, and the passing of our wealth to far right operations like Halliburton and Erik Prince (whose family are all leading members of ALEC). The nation probably does not have the wealth remaining to oppose them effectively.

  3. G says:

    We did not heard about this orgainzation just like we did not hear about the Koch brothers for years before guys like Murdoch brought up the media.