Papantonio: The Death of Keynesian Economics

Any credible economist in America will tell you that Keynesian economic policies are the only policies that will help spur economic growth. From FDR to Bill Clinton, Keynesian economics helped pull America out of the great Depression, as well as the recessions that were created by Ronald Reagan and Bush Senior. So why have Democrats today abandoned those policies? To help answer that question, Mike Papantonio spoke with Michael Corcoran, an investigative journalist with



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3 Responses to Papantonio: The Death of Keynesian Economics

  1. NR says:

    The Right very easily, without hesitation, likes to square blame on the gov’t, unions and public/private workers for the economy going south.

    As for Obama, I think he has been giving the American people a lot of lip service over the past 3 years about how he plans on turning the economy around. It’s like BOTH Bush, Jr. and Obama are almost equally like Herbert Hoover.

  2. NR says:

    Here’s a website on all the US debt accumulated as a result of the rich not paying their fair share:

    These debt clocks probably wouldn’t be necessary if the rich were taxed their fair share and that there were plenty of jobs to go around for everyone.

  3. Polly_Tics says:

    For the first time in my life, I am at a quandary as to what to do on election day. I was a Democrat most of my life until they started wimping out back in the early Bush years, then I became an Independent who voted Democratic. This year is different.

    Obama has not merely proven that he isn’t the man I thought him to be, but his lack of real leadership worries and confounds me. The list is long and I’m sure we all have our own private list of what we see as failures, but I find the administrations take on OCCUPY and Women’s Rights are most alarming.

    Homeland Security is now not merely a strong presence during OCCUPY protests, but word is that Obama has given them the task to rein us in. All of a sudden the mayors began conference calls and the coordinated violence began. Heck, just look at OWS these last couple of days. The police violence towards protestors, Councilmen/women and with journalists. Batons flying, heads and backs being bashed, pepper spray in the faces of many, including seniors. I have got to ask WHY? And how on earth can I support an administration with whom I am at such odds.

    It’s still a long way away, but Obama is alienating both myself and my family as the days pass by and I don’t see any way forward unless a GOOD third party candidate comes on ticket (and I DON’T mean Bloomberg)!

    What to do…what to do…