This Week on Ring of Fire

This week’s Ring of Fire, hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder: Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern

This week on Ring of Fire: Award-winning investigative journalist Robert Parry will tell us how the Republicans are trying to turn America into a giant shanty town.

John Nichols from The Nation will be here to talk about the continuing anti-union attacks coming from right wing state governors.

And we’ll have a collection of interviews from this week’s Families USA‘s Health Action 2012 conference.

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3 Responses to This Week on Ring of Fire

  1. NR says:

    Good thing Mike, et al. will be discussing about health care in America. I’m just worried with the HCR that was passed that was so watered down from ever being a public option, much less single-payer will still result in high health care costs even after HCR is fully implemented. Why should I be penalized/fined because I couldn’t purchase private health insurance that I could hardly afford, as mandated (if that)? Hopefully, I can still maintain access to my community health care clinic. Still waiting to hear a decision on whether my enrollment will renew, which I should find out soon in the mail.

    Also, will there be any ROFR coverage on the latest on BP and the Gulf, along with how much BP’s PR ad campaign is most likely distorting what’s going on with tourism down there and the Gulf waters? I would still like to know whether fisheries are still devestated due to all that oil that is still floating around in the Gulf waters. How can that BP PR spokesperson Iris Cross claim that all waterfronts in the Gulf are open for fishing, swimming, etc.? For one thing, as Einstein stated, you can’t solve a problem on the same plane it was created on. So, how do we know whether BP is really committed to cleaning up the Gulf, according to that spokeswoman Iris Cross, while they created the problem? Perhaps it’s really all about less care, and more PR and profit.

  2. G. says:

    Maybe they should lock up everyone who can’t afford the health coverage, and get really get sue in court because the prisons and jails are not providing adaquate health care services. I have heard of prisons being on lockdown because they had outbreaks of TB and Hepatitis due to lack of preventative/maintenance medical care. Anyone who thinks that the days of diseases being spread over a wide population are over, are a bunch of fools.

  3. Jon in MD says:

    The BP PR campaign, now with Iris Cross as shill, is ad spending that is enough to scare tv channel and station owners out of doing followup reporting on fisheries and beach conditions because the lost ad revenue, if BP pulls their ads, can’t be replaced. If one can’t buy health insurance the insurance exchanges in each state are supposed to offer subsidies. States with Rpb governors, and Rpbs in Congress, may make the exchange subsidies less or restrict which insurance providers can join the exchanges. Two reasons to vote out Rpbs this year and in 2013 for a Democratic VA governor candidate. Fortunately Bob McDonnell can’t succeed himself. Community clinics may be allowed but may restrict their eligibility.