Papantonio & Seder: Will Rick Scott Go To Prison For Voter Purges?

Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder talk about Rick Scott’s decision to defy the Justice Department’s orders to halt his illegal voter purging – a crime that could very easily land him in prison.

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One Response to Papantonio & Seder: Will Rick Scott Go To Prison For Voter Purges?

  1. NR says:

    If the Republicans and teabaggers had their way, it would be everything for rich, white Christians and virtually nothing for everyone else. Given the racist elements of the tea party, like white supremacists, if such people want a “white America” then does it ever enter their minds that native American Indians have been in America LONG before white people settled into colonies?

    As for Eric Holder being too weak and ineffective, Mike has also mentioned how much he is a “silk-stocking lawyer” where it may be difficult for him to really go after the crimes of the rich, republicans, Wall Street, the big banks, and corporate America since he has had too much lunch and dinner with them.

    All in all, given Rick Scott’s shady, criminal past such as in the health care industry, people need to get smart and not deliberately vote against their own interest for those like him. However, it’s hard for me to believe that “people are smart.” If people (Americans) really were smart, we’d have more of an educated society and electorate and they would be more like Germany learning from their mistakes after voting in the Nazi party. Since Republicans all too often do what they can to rig elections, why is it they suggest that the American people could all make a mistake in who they vote for?? America seems like the only country in the world that penalizes voting for supposedly improper registration and/or being under the assumption that they are residing in America illegally. Too bad the Civil Rights Act of 1964 isn’t that effective today where there are those in the teabagging/Republican crowd who say, “I’m not racist, but you’re an illegal immigrant.” They say that they are for LEGAL immigration, but fail to offer any examples on how they’d offer a reasonable pathway to US citizenship.

    Now, Since Rick Scott has had deep involvement in the for-profit health/hellth care industry, it’s hard to say whether we will really ever have decent health care in America, ideally Medicare-for-All. But for now, I sent some money along with a petition to my senators to help push for single-payer/Medicare-for-all legislation thru Public Citizen. I’m simply getting tired of having to deal with all the ambiguity and cost of most health care in America going thru for-profit insurance companies. So, if there won’t be Medicare-for-all anytime soon, I may get health coverage thru where I work, even though the cost may take a potentially huge chunk out of my paycheck every 2 weeks…Maybe even if the SCOTUS does repeal “Obamacare”, then it may be possible to start from scratch and introduce Medicare-for-all. Unfortunately, the Right in America are big die-hard haters which should’ve seen their demise years ago, even though they keep resurrecting as what occurred in 2010.